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  1. In modpack 07 I have problem.I select only in spg,I see xvm sight and when i play other tanks .In modpack 06 that is ok.
  2. With modpack 07 I select only in spg,but I see xvm sight when I play other tanks.In modpack 06 that is ok.
  3. Hi Aslain. Whether there is a chance to put an otm from protanki modpack in your modpack,because your modpack is the best.Thanks!
  4. zdenci


    That will be great.Tnx
  5. zdenci


    Hello Aslain.Can you put this mod in your modpack ? Tnx https://protanki.tv/mods/battle_mod/taimer-polnogo-svedeniya
  6. zdenci

    Thick HP Bars

    can you add yellow indicator when you shoot enemy like a orginal XVM OTM ? Thanks
  7. Can you put this mode in your modpack ? Tnx Aslain
  8. I need only for arty. Can disable for other tanks?
  9. Can you put this mod in your modpack aslain? Thx
  10. zdenci


    So, it is impossible? To bad. Thanks for your working
  11. zdenci


    Can you put in your modpack OTM by protanki? Thanks
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