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  1. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftware\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVerssion\Uninstall\Aslains_WoT_Modpack_installer_is1 RegCreateKeyEx cant be done code 5. Access Denied While installing modpack this error happens. it cant write in registry i think. what is the problem ?
  2. i will give a try now. new mod pack released now idownlaoding. incase of problems. sometimes i try to select which mode and it give an error and exit. i maybe tried this to find it like 10times this happent me 10times. 10 times i slected all modes i prefer:D 10time 10 times try to check this damage log or hitlog XFT i remember this like a mod was giving error i not tried now bymyself
  3. Aslain when you done with your mods. you need to set up for your computer. ok ? what if one of them was a virus or trojan or script to send email of your loging screen photo. maybe you should give a try to click on your mod selections ?! i same copy paste here what u said my friend: read it again. which mod is causing an error, so Cagdas21 doesn't have to check through every single one to try and find out what you're releasing modpacks about?
  4. repair your modpack thx. one of your mod when i press on it its giving error. fix this stupid error. made me mad !
  5. XFT hit log makes give ERROR plz delete it from DOWNLOAD MOD PACK
  6. dreaming is safe. the most dangerous this is applying ! maybe guilty maybe safe ...

  7. my english may not good when u press Z there s a circle about reload, atack, etc. can you create a very useful mod for your fans (us). i using ur modes for 2 years from now.
  8. why i cant write in shout ?

  9. why i cant write in shout ?

  10. why i cant write in shout ?

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