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  1. Maybe when u die then marks disapear. I have that sometimes.
  2. I mean there is no aslain mod for 9.12. Not yet.
  3. Aslain will update MAYBE tonight, but probably tommorow.
  4. Fox_River

    ATAC! mod

    You not deactivate, mod is crashed :D
  5. I would like to help you but i dont know what are u talking about :D
  6. Its just bug, sometimes thats happend for 1 battle. And if you have this bug for a while go to xvm site and turn on stats.
  7. I see Aslain back this mod but i cant find it on installer, i check few times. Am I blind or there is no this mod?
  8. Great, thanks for informations :)
  9. guys what is this problem? I have this shit few days and its annoying. here is picture
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