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  1. Here IT translation. Sorry for late translation, I missed your post of last month. Max WoWs_it_translation_0.9.3.1_00.ini
  2. sorry, made a copy/paste error !!!! Now corrected. WoWs_it_translation_0.9.2.1_02.ini
  3. IT translation updated WoWs_it_translation_0.9.2.1_02.ini In the english translation posted I think there is a little mistype at line 415: "en.ShipsWinRate=Ships Win Rate & XP to next ship" I might be wrong but think that should be this way: "en.ShipsWinRate=Ships Win Rate & XP next to ship"
  4. IT translation ready Max WoWs_it_translation_0.8.11.0_08.ini
  5. The fix you introduced in v.8.10.0_10 works perfectly. Thanks Max
  6. Temporary solution works fine. Many thanks for info. Max
  7. I had already tried to do so, but in game options - controls - select crosshair what I have is the possibility to choose from STATIC end DYNAMIC e when I selectr static I can chose between 14 different crosshair named TYPE1 to TYPE 14 and none of these is the mebius dolphin 4 I have selected in the modpack. Max
  8. italian translation ready WoWs_it_translation_0.8.10.0_09.ini
  9. I do have a little problem with crosshair, probably my fault but I really don't know how get it solved. When game 0.8.10 was released, i tried to use original dynamic crosshair (just wanted to test a few ideas !!), after a some days i realized I did not like it at all, so i reinstalled Aslain modpack to get my preferred crosshair (Mebius-Dolphin 4 type2) but what I got in the game was the standard static crosshair and I could not find a way to get back my preferred crosshair. Anyone can help me, please. Thanks
  10. sorry, I missed that; but now fixed for next time !!!
  11. corrected a few typing mistakes (sorry !!!) Max WoWs_it_translation_0.8.9.0_05.ini
  12. IT translation WoWs_it_translation_0.8.9.0_05.ini
  13. Italian translation done. For your information in the english version i found a duplication: LINE 226 - en.TrapSense=detection icons: It's a trap LINE 238 - en.TrapSense=detection icons: It's a trap maybe is not a problem, but posting a worning makes no harm. Not being sure, just to stay on the safe side I have left the duplication in my italian translation, tell me if I have to remove one of the 2 lines. Max WoWs_it_translation_0.8.4.0_04.ini
  14. Actually I have experienced the same problem, but not very often. Sorry cannot post the logs bacause did not save last time I had this problem. When happened the only way to enter the battle was to kill the WoWS application from manager (Ctrl-Alt-Del) and restart the game in safe mode. To be noted that without any modpack reinstall operation, after ending the current battle just shutting down normally the game client and restarting everything works fine. The fact that restarting the game in safe mode it is possible to enter the current battle might be a warning that something went wrong with mods, but being a random issue is really hard to point out the problem. Max
  15. Updated IT translation for latest EN file found in custom_messages (I think previous msg from admin reported the wrong link) http://aslain.com/custom_messages/WoWs_en_translation_0.8.0.3_04.ini (WoWs_en_translation_v8.0.3_04.ini) WoWs_it_translation_v8.0.3_04.ini Max
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