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I just found the same thing (v9.21.0 #01). Tried my first game in the Badger and it wouldn't load. Restarted the client twice, no change. Restarted in Safe Mode and it loaded fine. Of course, my tank was a smouldering wreck and I lost $30k for my trouble, but it's certainly mod-related. Which mod, exactly, I'm not sure.


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At a quick glance it seems to include logs for the last little while, not sure if it's time or size limited, but for me it included the several freeze+reload from today, as well as some battles from yesterday before 9.21

Presumably Aslain has made it gather whatever info he needs, just run it and attach the resulting zip file (~100kB in my case)

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Same issue...

Logs attached - perhaps that makes it easier to find the mod. 


Okay - now it works with a slightly changed config of the modpack.

For example i removed the deactivation of moving trees in Wot Optimazations... not sure if it was that change that made the difference....


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all your answers are in between v.9.21.00 and v.9.21.01:



v9.21.0 #01 (13-12-2017):
- updated session stats: Tomonik, YasenKrasen (also added text extension and beta addon)
- updated fog remover
- updated contour icons: corecroft27
- updated crosshair: Destroyer, Taipan, Octagon, Hardscope
- added gun sounds Zorgane
- replaced 15m circle mod to different version
- removed Easy Fly Time [turret rotating problems], Friendly arty aiming position, Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree [problems with loging in to hangar in certain mod combination]



please remove 50m circle of automatic detection in minimap section

please remove 15m circle mod




new circle mod has cross code with 50m mod and cannot be displayed simultaneously (and alone), it's crap




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I have used and appreciated your modpack for years, but this version is too buggy to use. Went from locking up after battle to not being able to load into one.


Update - reverted back to .00 version and did not use 15m circle mod or Jimbo's. Loaded in game OK and post game is normal.

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Updated info to use modpack without lockups
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