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Standard in White (blue, really)

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So, why is this blue this time? : )

(And black reticle.)




This mode is never the same after updates. Oh, and yesterday (v#00) I had a "Franken/Stein style second marker in my aiming circle"  too - I kind of liked it. It was white tho.


Maybe I'm gonna switch back to #00 until. Is the XVM update important?


Thank you.



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And again...


I updated the modpack from #01 to #05 and I lost my solid aiming circle with loading indicator.




Looks like it was updated in #02.

I used this aiming circle version in the last couple of months with a reason..

It is the same if I'm installing only the "Standard in White" or that and the "Aim Circle: White" with it. I can't use solid circle with loading indicator anymore.


I checked the mod website... but that is pretty russian for me.


Is there any way I can fix this?


I guess I can install only the white reticle from #01, save that version for myself, then install everything else from the later versions (currently #05). But that's obviously not gonna work in the long run (in case of new patch or something).


Sorry for bother you with this again. Btw, am I the only one who is using this reticle? : D

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I'm not sure I was understandable. 


I want to use a solid aiming circle with loading indicator! 

Like on the first picture: my circle is half red, half white, because my gun is loading in that moment.


In that version, if I set my aiming circle to "solid", then it worked liked that. In the latest version: it is just solid. 


(I like the solid version, cause it more visible. But at the same time I want the loading indicator with it, cause... that's usually in the middle of my screen :)

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I'm late, but thank you very much for the aim circle addition!


Btw, I separated the files and I'm using this circle from




I really like it. Most of your shots going into the smaller area anyways, so yeah. (The outline is green when you loaded, white and red when you are reloading. The inner stuff is always white.)


If somebody want to try this circle, just install everything normally, then overwrite the attached file in the world_of_tanks/mods/9.21.*.* directory.




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Just keep in mind that every aim circle older than 15th December is bugged and may crash the game. The date stamp on the one you attached is 31th November.


That's the reason I don't keep it in the modpack currently. You may not experience that crashing, but other people will, especialy in arty view.

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