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jimb0 Crosshairs not working in .23 and .24

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Starting last night my crosshair settings were being overwritten upon entering a match. From the garage screen, before I queued up and after I installed using Aslain's mod installer pack, I could open the Reticle tab and it said "jimb0's crosshair mod" like normal and it displayed the proper crosshairs in the preview window. After entering a match, it's gone. The preview window on the Reticle tab no longer has jimb0's mod name, nor does it even show the selected crosshair cursors. For example if I choose "A Shaped IV (with armor pen)" the preview window gives me a circular white shaped crosshair - which makes no sense at all.


I have tried cleaning out the mods folders manually and by using the Aslain installer, but it still won't work. I tried installing everything EXCEPT jimb0's crosshairs and then I downloaded that mod separately and installed it over the Aslain crosshair, but that didn't work either. Known issue? Time to get used to a new crosshair mod?


Any ideas? 

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