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WOW Training Room ?

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There are 2 boxes near the bottom right of the training room setup screen:

First is for armed

Second for active

You choose whether any ships on you team or enemies team is either active or armed.

This must be done before the ship i added to either team. 

The boxes checked stay the same for each ship that is added  after making your choice of either active or armed.

Hope this helps

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I am still having issues. First off....When checked does that mean it is off or on.  I pick the type of battle and how many ships and then i hit the create button.

I do that and my ship will show up on team 1. At this point i move it down to the undistributed Players and that is when i have checked or left it blank in the armed box. I then pick the ships for the battle and add my ship to the list above. I am missing someing or doing something out of order because i am still getting shot at.


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Checked means it is on or active.

I don't move my ship from team 1 spot.  If I want more players on my team I choose Some other ship I like.  I then add ships to my opponent or team 2's side.  It would seem like the problem is when you move and then replace your ship. Are you choosing your enemies or letting the computer choose for you.  I always do mine manually. Never checking undistributed ships.  Hope this helps.

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I figured out what my issue was... I thought I had to click the button on the right hand side, to add the bot to the team... nope. Don't do that.


Select the ship + check/uncheck boxes as needed.. and drag from the left side I think I did, and up to the enemy team.


Thanks @Sr Temjin for getting me on the right track :)

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