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XVM Minimap mods not working

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XVM minimap mods, such as centering and enlarging the minimap and drawing the various range circles isn't working.  After a fresh install of the game, I installed the mods.  Immediately after installing them, I ran the install again and all of them were unchecked as you can see in the file attached (XVM Minimap mods.JPG).  I ran the Archiver at this point and attached the output (ASlains_WoT_Logs.zip).  Once again I checked the XVM minimap mods that I wanted (see XVM Minimap mods 2.JPG and XVM Minimap mods 3.JPG), finished the installer (Aslains WoT Modpack - Task Selection Page.JPG) and ran the game.  The mods weren't working, so after one battle I exited the game and ran the Archiver again and attached the results (Aslains_WoT_Logs2.zip).


BTW, the "Damage Logs" section was also unchecked when I went back into the installer immediately after running it the first time, as were the "Display results from previous battle [PMOD]" and "Vehicle Exp Extended" mods.


XVM Minimap mods.JPG

XVM Minimap mods 2.JPG

XVM Minimap mods 3.JPG

Aslains WoT Modpack - Task Selection Page.JPG


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         ------------------------[ Minimap Mods ]--------------------------------
            Minimap images
               HD minimap ShuraBB (note: will disable XVM minimap)
                     main: HD minimap images
                     alt: Heat minimap images

There is your "problem" :)


As for "Display results from previous battle [PMOD]", you're installing YasenKrasen, which has similar feature, so PMOD gets unchecked automatically.


And same for "Vehicle Exp Extended", since you selected YasenKrasen beta features.

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