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Unable to tell I have been penned...

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When I am shot, (either bounced, critical damaged or penned) I can't tell.

There is no indication of my being shot except that when I look at the damage done on the display (from the mod pack) it shows the damage, bounces, pens etc. & lists from whom they came.

So many times, I have been reduced to almost no EXP & couldn't figure out why, or how, since while I was shooting in sniper mode & could see shells coming at me, but as far as I knew, they never hit me. There's nothing to say I've been hit so when I'm in sniper mode, I have no idea if I have been damaged.


The game used to flash red when ever I was hit, either in or out of sniper mode, but for many months, this is not the case & for the life of me I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong cause I can't find any reason for it. I believe I have checked all the boxes for this to work, either in the game or the mod pack, but the only thing I get is the voice over when ever my tank hits an enemy tank.

Then I get the verbal "Ricochet," "Got Em," or "Penetration."


I've checked the option to flash RED when I'm hit (in the mod pack) but it isn't working. I keep making sure it's checked off, cause I wanna know I've been hit, but I can't tell & it's frustrating.


Is there anything else i can try in the mod pack that will give me an indication of my being hit/penned?

Is anyone else having this same issue??


Thks :)

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