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Game crashes

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When I play the game crash after several minutes, sometimes only 30 seconds and I have a message which tell me that the big world client had crashed. The game worked fine, but since two updates, I have this problem, and it happen every battles. I nearly only play battleships (Bismarck, Tirpitz, North Carolina, or Izumo). Sometimes I dont even have the time to launch a game a nd the game crash... (crash on port).

Here are the files needed. I dont know if the second can help you, its the crash report I get. For information, the game work fine without the modpack enabled.

Hope it will help you.





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OK. I think I started to have troubles when I get the second Arpeggio ui package, the one by Sea group. I'll try without it and see what happen. About skins mods, theu never caused issues before, and I use night battles since you implemented it on the modpack, so I dont see why it can cause crashes. Anyways, will try as said and test it. Thanks for your help

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Hello. As far as i tested, night battles and the UI packages are not the cause of the crashes. Did a battle without them an get a crash. Now, time to disable ships skins.
Edit: Get a crash without the skin pack: game with Queen Elizabeth, when I was in sniper camera against another Queen. The game froze then get the error message. Played without any UI, skin or night battles mods enabled, with the lastest version,#05.


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