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Garage Tank Filtering/Sorting

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Not sure if it's doable, but be able to select the tanks you prefer to grind using a checkbox or such, and be able to filter those tanks only.

And maybe allow sorting by those being grinded listed first followed by all other tanks.


Just a thought.

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Those basic filters are nice, but I have found that they are not enough for me, and I still end up doing a lot of manual manipulating every day which gets old and tedious after awhile.  I would like to have some configurable preset hot buttons that allow for further filtering.  


(edit: To be clear, marking tanks with the primary marker does create a custom play set.  I am just wanting to have several custom sets instead of just 1 )


Here are some examples of where they can come in handy, followed by a picture example for the UI.


1) Specific Mission work:  Button #1 could be set for one type of mission, and button #2 for a 2nd mission type, each with different tanks.


2) Mixed filters:  For example, sometimes I want to use the "x2" filter, but I also want to keep 1-3 other tanks in the mix too.  There's no way to do this at the moment.


3) Play groups:  When not doing missions, I sometimes just have different groups of tanks that I'm in the mood to play, but the current filters don't allow for custom mixing.


I've put 4 buttons in the picture, but it would probably be good to have 10, or user defined.



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