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Goofy67 hangarmanger HangMan

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I found this on the European forum, a wonderful garage HangarManager mod by Goofy67, called HangMan.  (see: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/439322-094-hangar-manager-hangman/ )

 I added a few garages to those which Goofy67 already had in his mod:  the better batcave (IGR-Cave); the DumadidakCrackedHangar; the Miku hangar; the GreatWall.  Goofy67’s mod already has the WG-Bday garage and a couple of cute toy tank garages.  There are 34 garages in HangMan so far.  I tried to get some sound effects working and some music working, but my success was middling.  Also, since I didn’t really understand the programming, I was overly cautious and probably added some files I didn’t need to add.  As a result the 7-zip file is large, 1,672,979 KB using ultra compression. 
I will include a little of what Goofy67 said on the forum page where I found this:


  goofy67#1Posted 18 October 2014 - 07:16 PM

Senior Sergeant

·         Member since:

Mich gibt es auch auf deutsch.

First: Most of this text is translated by Google-Translator.



Hello friends!

I want you to meet my HangarManager "HangMan".



·         Creating your own hangar during a battle by saving the map and tank position

·         Possibility to make separate soundsettings for each hangar

·         Change the hangar by pressing a button (back and forth)

·         Automatic reading of all installed hangars (with exclusionlist)

In particular:

In theHangMan.xml' file is a series of settings:

<hangarlist> contains a list of installed hangars, through which can be changed by pressing a button:
<switchkey> for scroll forward (default KEY_NUMPAD6) <backkey> for one hangar back in the list (KEY_NUMPAD4)
<reloadkey> is the key that causes the manager to search the WoT installation after hangars and it will automatically generate a new hangarlist (KEY_NUMPAD0).

<exclusionlist>::If you want to prevent a hangar (or even more) is automatically included in the hangarlist (eg eventhangars that you do not like and do not want to see), so you can enter them here.When pressing the reload button, these entries are ignored.

<hangarpath> specifies the hangar that is currently displayed in the client.

<ClanLogo> switches the (guess what?) Clan Logo in the hangar on or off, if you eg want to make screenshots of your tankskins.

<vehicleCamouflageKind> defines the camouflage, which the tank in the hangar carries.
     Possible values​​: 
summer winter desert none random or default
     This adjuster is used only when a hangar brings no camouflage-settings by its own (more on that later)

Last not least: 
<safekey> (KEY_NUMPAD7):: This button generates your own, (almost) unique hangar:
If you are in a battle
 (or even in the replay or in the tank-tutorial, preferably in a team-training) and the SafeKey-button is pressed, then the current map is saved with the current position of the tank as a hangar andwith return from battle then also displayed. This 'Hangar' is only aXML file in the folder 'hangar-defs'. The name of this file is created by the name of the map and a timestamp. So you may create several 'hangars'. These are first not added to the hangarlist, but are still selectable, at least for the duration of the client session by the hangar-exchange-keys.You need to press the reload-key (NUMPAD-0) to add them permanently. Before that you should delete hangar-files you don't want to keep.

Building a hangar_defs file:

Important and necessary <spacepath>. This is the path to the 'map', which is to be loaded for the hangar. This can be an existing hangar or a gamemap. In this case <hangarSettings> are necessary so that themap can be loaded as a hangar. The syntax is the same as in the space.settings 'normal' hangar has. <hangarSettings> of a hangar_def-file overwrites the settings of space.settings/hangarSettings of an existing hangar (so you can make changes of a 'real' hangar such as zoom-out or tank position)


<vehicleCamouflageKind>: kind of camouflage of the vehicle in the hangar. Possible values​​ as in the HangMan.xml.


For your own sound in the hangar you find below <audio> the adjusters <login> for the music during login, <music> is the hangarmusic and <ambient> for the corresponding ambient sound.The sound of the music after the battle for win, draw or loss are taken from /gui/music_events.xml.




Still possible, but no longer generated from the hangar manager itself and only alternative to the variant above: Adjuster <music> and <ambient>. analogous to /gui/music_events.xml. Here are either both or none set. In this case, the settings in /gui/music_events.xml are ignored.
Therefore also 'old' hangar_defs are still usable.




Possible problems with self-made hangar_defs:


·         The tank was in a destructible so of course destructed object while the Safekey was pressed. This can lead to strange effects later in the hangar. Remedy: None. Choose a different hangar and look for a new location on the map.


·         You found a niceposition, but later in the hangar the cap-circles are disturbing:

As an example, I'm assuming the Map 'Ensk'. In the middle of the map there is a place that is free in random battles.If you save the position as a hangar, then you stand in the hangar suddenly in the middle ofa cap-circle that was not there before.This is the cap-circle of the encounter battles. I do not want them.

Now it gets a little more complicated: I have to make changes to the map and this should only affect the hangar and of course not the game. Do the following: 

1.    Look for the right file in folder hangar_defs

2.    Check hangar_def-file for used map, in this example spaces/06_ensk

3.    Create a folder spaces in res_mods/%WoT-version%, if not already present

4.    Open spaces and create another folder, for example hangar_ensk. Remember name.

5.    Change to /res/packages and open 06_ensk.pkg with WinRar or 7-zip

6.    Here, navigate to folder spaces/06_ensk and copy the contents of this folder to the folder made at point 4

7.    Download this tool and copy the EXE tot he same folder. Start EXE, confirm and exit prompt. The EXE can now be deleted.It overwrites the data of cap-circles, the cap-flag and on some maps existingbanners (for ESL? Do not know. Request for clarification).

8.    Open the appropriate hangar_defs again and change <spacepath> to the path of point 4.In this example spaces/hangar_ensk

9.    Press button to reload hangarlist in hangar

A few notes:

Please make all changes to theXML files with an UTF-8c apable editor, I recommend
Manual changes of HangMan.xml are only possible when client is closed.
At program start
 <hangarlist> and <exclusionlist> are 'creared up' for better readability.

Here is a list of possible keys:

HangMan needs a script-loader. If you do not have one yet, install the scripts-loader contained in the archive.


WoT Client  0.9.4:




Edited by goofy67, 22 November 2014 - 10:52 PM.



My drop box is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yon7ckxuo8cdyb9/Goofy67%207zip.7z?dl=0

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For a better Bat Cave:


in  res_mods\0.9.5\spaces\hangar_premium_igr\space.settings  change line:







replace   res_mods\0.9.5\system\data\hangar_premium_IGR.xml  with my attachment





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Apparently I forgot the Bat Cave sounds: 

copy  hancav.fev,  hancav_ambient_premium.fsb,  hancav_music.fsb and  hancav_premium_igr.fsb  to  res_mods\0.9.5\audio\

These files are in my drop box: https://www.dropbox.com/home/WoT


change res_mods\0.9.5\hangar_defs\hangar_IGR-Cave.xml so that lobby and lobby_premium in ambient section use /hancav/ambient/hangar_premium_igr/ambient_water_waterfall


change res_mods\0.9.5\hangar_defs\hangar_IGR-Cave.xml so that rating and rating_premium in ambient section use /hancav/ambient/hangar_premium_igr/drone_low_loop

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