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FPS Tanking to 3 to 6 FPS During Battle..

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I have played few games in this mods setup you have, and no issue. Sounds like a local issue, maybe your pc is not good enough, try to not install sound mods and see again.

I'm running a top end gaming rig. I do not have this problem in the 3 other MMOs I play. Matter of fact, I'm running 110 fps on average in them, but here, I'm tanking hard.


i7 3rd gen quad core Intel Chip set not overclocked, 32 gig ram, NVidia GTX 750 Ti 2 gig video card, just to mention the essentials and completely updated on all software versions.

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So it's not your rig, do you get this low fps in ever battle or occasionaly only?

Every battle while it is full of tanks. However, when there are less tanks, it normally increases a bit to where it is playable. Just to follow up, I'm using Game Booster 3 by IOBit while I'm playing any online game too.

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I watched your replay, on my PC, your tank looked inactive sometimes. Still could not reproduce this issue.

My tank was frozen a 0 fps and my ping jumped up to 999. I tried adjusting my settings to lower (recommended) to improve it. I couldn't do anything. Trust me, being inactive is something I never do in a battle...ever.

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My advice is to try vanilla game first (without any mods) ... if same thing happens ... try to defrag your hdd, maybe it's at point where it's so badly fragmented that it can't cope.

I'll go ahead and defrag now. I've not done that in a while. I hope that's the case. I'll try with and without after that.

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Well, I'm really screwed now. After defragging my hard drive my client crashes 2 - 3 seconds after starting. Before anyone says remove this, that, and the other, I removed everything, including deleting the contents in the WoT cache file. I did a search on the subject to find some suggestions. I even re-verified every driver. Everything is up to date. Nothing helped. I'm completely stumped on what to do next. I know the one option is to uninstall and do a clean install...but that is an extreme measure to take. So, I'm hoping someone can give me another alternative before I go and do that.

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I know this problem (including the launcher crashes after defragging). Two things helped in my case. First I cleaned my notebook, it got really hot sometimes and then I got freezes. Your hardware seems to be fine, so maybe you can skip that one. But if you want to check, for me CPUID HWMonitor was very helpful to determine the problem.


Second and important one. I made a clean install. Tried one game vanilla and then installed Aslains step by step, most important mods first and wait what happened, then next. I could install everything I wanted, never got issues again. I run a very bad system (i5, GeForce GT520M (mehhh...), 6GM RAM and Windows 7). Now I got with standard graphics and medium settings 50-70 fps, still use WoT Tweaker. Maybe I'll try improved graphics after the next patch.


Remembered a third thing right now, there was a problem with the language file that caused the launcher crashes some time ago. Maybe you can try to choose a different language in the launcher first, just change, wait for new settings, change it back and maybe everything is peachy (didn't help with the fps problem).


Good luck!

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Well, after being kicked off the net by my ISP (Global) because they migrated my account without giving me the new access password, I had to bite the bullet and redownload the game. 7 hours later I successfully logged in to the game! Hey me! :)


However, my issue with the FPS still plagued me. After a mishap that caused my machine to shutdown and go into restart mode, I opened my box to discover that my coolant fluid in my Thermaltake AC unit was all but gone. Then something tickled me at the back of my mind. I saw my CPU temp at 181 degrees. I thought that was due to my cores working overtime. When I looked at my controller for my coolant system, the knob was gone. Luckily, I was able to get the stem of the button back through its proper place. The system had been turned off. I was livid. I don't know who did what here in my house "Cleaning" around my comp, but I was fit to be tied. Then it dawned on me, my CPU was maxed out because of the heat. The heat and 100% CPU cores caused my system to bog down and that directly affected my FPS. After getting everything fixed, tested, and set back up, that FPS issue disappeared.


I thought I'd let you know what had transpired. Thanks for your input and help.

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