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Possibility to not have to use mod# for custom mods?


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I've got a lot of little tweaks I like to apply over the default configs as included in the installer, like different keybinds for mods, minimap icon size/alpha reduction and such, and right now I have a .zip for each tweak, one for each mod that might get changed and one for all the XVM changes.


Keeping track of what is what is incredibly annoying when I have to open each zip and click through the folder tree to check and see which mod is in what zip file. 


Being able to name them anything would be a great help, mod1.zip mod2.zip mod3.zip could be xvmtweaks.zip verticaltechtreelayout.zip hangarchangerremover.zip etc.



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I guess it's an easy task for a delphi programmer.



Easy task as in it can be done, but you lack the knowledge of how to do so?


If that's the case, what installer package are you using and can you tell me how the custom mods are being dealt with now? I'd gladly take a swing at making this if it can be done.


I'm halfway guessing right now there's a Delphi script somewhere that's essentially

if file mod*.zip exists then unzip $files


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From new readme in this folder:


This is special folder called Aslains_Custom_mods
It's feature is to install your custom made mods automaticaly via my installer.
To make it work simply pack your mod with full path (must begin with res_mods) and put to this folder, then launch the installer as usuall and select the mods you usually install. Installer will automaticaly install your custom mods at the end of main installation.
Note that supported formats are zip and 7zip only.
The count of files is unlimited, or at least super high..... :)
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You don't have to change anything, unless you want to.


The main difference is you are not forced to use mod in file name, and you are not limited to 10 files only, you can use any name you wish now.


For example, these files these are files you have had before:


- mod1.zip

- mod2.zip

- mod3.zip


Now you can rename them to something more human:


- my_6th_sense_icon.zip

- better_damage_panel.zip

- cheatpack.zip 



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