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A mod that communicates when you activate a consumable

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Ever hate having to type out that you're using Hydroacoustic Search? Not to mention teammates who don't tell you when they're using Radar. Sure, team-chat players don't worry about this as much, but for us casuals it can be a major hindrance.


Is it possible that someone could make a mod that tells you and/or your teammates when consumables are used? That'd be VERY handy.

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While it sounds handy - it could also result in chat bans, as seen with the mod for World of Tanks that says "I'm spotted" for example.


Imagine everyone on your team using that mod, it would be a constant spam, especially if it's all consumables.


There used to be a mod that showed used/currently active consumables on the Over Target Markets, but it was outlawed since it used the "scripts.zip" file, and I don't think there has been made a replacement yet, that doesn't use "scripts.zip" file.

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