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New Arpeggio Sound addition doesn't seem to do anything

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On 3/11/2018 at 5:07 AM, Aslain said:

From what I saw it was bound to specific ships. Have you enabled it in the game settings?

Yeah, I selected it from the mod list. It doesn't show up in the in-game settings anywhere.


Seems like its effect is too limited in scope. Hopefully someone could expand it so that it applies to nearly all ships (if that's appropriate).


In the meantime, Aslain, you should probably modify the description of the sound mod to indicate which ships are affected.


EDIT: Oh, now I found it. You have to go into Audio settings and switch the voiceover modification to ARP Cadenza. Now the guns use the ARP sounds, but... I found it locks you into listening to Ashigara, who isn't my personal preference. I'd certainly like more options (i.e. Takao, Kirishima, etc), so maybe you could communicate that to Haruna Line.

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