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Update from v. #16 today on v. #17 no login work!!!!

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yesterday was 10.03 there wasn?t 17 online, but on date its on from 09.03.

but problem is i have start game normal, see that new version. end game DL update install and start wot again.

now when i say eu1 or eu2 than connect, i wait, all looks normal but, than when the hanger should load im back on connection site.

deinstall 17 and reinstall #17 same problem!

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After the update to Version #17 i can click connect on loginscreen, than normal load, and when its ready to finish login and the hanger must come im too in the login screen. when i connect again it says me, i was disconnected from server.


when i close game i must kill the wot.exe in taskmanager. start game again, and same problem. when i delete the folder in res_mods\9.22.... i can play game without mods.


i have now DL the old versoin #16 install it, and i can login in game and all works 


so its an error in #17 :)


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when i change

v9.22.0.1 #17 (09-03-2018):
- updated session stats: TimeSpent 


to annother session stats than it works. in version #16 timespent works, since update in #17 its not work. so there is an error in this update from timespent.



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