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Adding a search function to the mod installer

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I'd like to see a search function in the mod installer.


For me it is always pretty difficult to find a specific mod in this very long list. Even finding a topic is kinda difficult, because they are written in the same font. That could at least solved easily by just writing topics in bold and maybe 1 or 2 pixels larger.


Anyways, I'd love to use a search bar with something like a live search. If you type text into this bar everything not matching the text in the mod list becomes hidden.

That would make it so much easier to alter your installed mods.

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That's unfortunate indeed >_<

In that case I can only wish you luck with finding somebody who can add a search and a Load/Save functionality.

As for me, I can only call a little knowledge about VB.net, AHK and advanced knowledge about DOS my own. Maybe in a few years I can help you :-)

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