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Gnomefather Mod Sound Issue

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Hi new member.

I like to thank Aslain for the great mods and the great job he is doing.

The only issue I have had with the installer is Gnomefather Gun mod.All the music,ambient sounds, disappear.I only hear the gun sounds.Tried all the other sound mods as in WWII etc. They work normally and have all sounds working.Have tried fresh install deleting DL files nothing works.Anyone else having this issue or a fix.


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I have found that the volume level of the Sound pack is VERY HIGH, and I had to turn down my speakers, which resulted in barely being able to hear any other game sounds.  I looked for a way to change the volume setting for the sound pack individually but I was not able to find anything.

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            Gun sound packs
               Gnomefather's Historical Realism Gun Sounds (Zorgane)
            Engine sound packs
               The Second World War. Day after day (engines)


This combination will won't work well, don't mix those two mods.

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better read those little info/notice in the mod pack installer... another issue from gnomefather mod is that sometimes you cannot buy a tank even when you have already the experience earned... happened to me a couple of nights ago... have already finished getting the experience for the american t69 medium tank from grinding my t71 da light tank... when i was pressing the research button... kept saying "server error researching t69. try again later"... checked the internet... tried things posted there like restarting the client (to no effect)... trying again after an hour... a couple of hours... even a day (to no avail)... tried contacting wg asia support... giving me a link to a tool that needs to be installed on my computer (WGCheck) to check what's wrong with my client... still not fixed... advised to check the game installation files integrity... still not resolved... remembered the sound mod thinggy compatibility for gnomefather... fired the modpack installer and unchecked the sound mod and after that.. issue resolved... whew...



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