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I think I found a way to fix the Arpeggio Skinpack in this

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I've been giving Hakabase's modpack a try, and I've found that his modpack has a more up-to-date version of the Arpeggio Skinpack, this time without nearly as many bleach-white texture errors. The version in his modpack also takes less space.


Aslain, maybe you could look into the stuff that Hakabase has and see about getting a copy. You technically already have permission to use Haruna Line's skinpack, so I don't think anyone could call "stealing" on this.

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19 hours ago, Aslain said:

The thing is I have the latest version of ship skins from Haruna line, he released it last month, it's quite new.

I know, but the one in your modpack also has some files that end up screwing up certain ships (i.e. Aigle).


At least run a comparison between the one you have and the one in Hakabase.

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I've checked Haka version, he is some very old version of skins (4GB vs 8GB in my pack after unpacking) and applied some manual fix to *mg.dds files. I don't feel like using something this old. Maybe something could be done with that dds files, but I have no time for this at the moment, it should be done by the author of the skins anyway :)

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