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Unable to Proceed in Installation of Aslain's Modpack

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This is my first time trying to download Aslain's Modpack, so I took the time to watch a video or two on how to properly install the mod and select the features you want to install... I followed the videos exactly, only to find that I have no option to click "Next" or "Proceed" as they do in the tutorial videos.


The images I have attached show what steps I took and the last one shows that there's no "Next" button to finish the installation. Does anyone know how to fix/circumvent this issue?

-I have plenty of disk space.

-I have tried re-downloading the installer SEVERAL times.






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Well the picture is 1080p, so you do have scaling on (probably a laptop?)


If you hit the windows key, and type in "scaling", it should be the first thing to show in the menu, which opens the proper settings screen for it. You'll need to be at 100% to use it properly, you can always switch back afterwards :)

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You're welcome, hehe :) though exaggerating a little bit on the G.O.A.T. part :D


If you change it back, just remember it for the future, to switch to 100% - installer doesn't like that, since it becomes too big for the resolution, lol.

(It might fit on larger resolutions, but I don't know.. I'm stuck at 1080p :P)

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Changing to 100% scaling requires you to close the Aslain window. Fucking shit window. Spent 20 minutes checking all the options I wanted, and then I couldn't continue. Will not \do it all over again. Fuck me

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