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I'm hoping to change the PoGS tank icon colors a bit

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First, Aslain thanks so much for your mod - and to all those who work on making the mods. They really help add to a quality experience in the game.  I'm using your mod with the PoGS icons and I struggle with the colors a bit - particularly the lights & heavies who look near identical to me. In the past I used to tweak them so that the lights were brighter, and the heavies darker. I can't seem to figure out where to replace the files now though. It seems like they are all here: ...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\contour


But when I replace them with my updated versions, they don't show up in game. Any suggestions on where I can find these files to replace them? BTW, happy to share what I've done if anyone wants them. Thanks!



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It's a bit complicated.


You have three ways to achieve this.


1. Edit current atlas files manualy, but if you process the atlas image as a whole you will also the change brightness of every WoT icons used in that atlas), you can select only these areas you need, but it's some work in programs like Photoshop


example path to atlas files:



Rename their extension .dds to .png, edit in your favorite image editor, save, then rename them back to .dds extension


2. Use current contour icons (pngs) and CCAtlas and create own icons - also some work, but different kind

3. Load current PoG icons to TIM and adjust them using special project you need to create there - in theory, haven't tried it yet.


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Thanks for the prompt reply. And fortunately, I know my way around Photoshop pretty well - so editing the colors (your step 1 suggestion) was pretty easy - using color replace makes it pretty easy to tweak around with the colors of them. It takes a little tweaking by the sensitivity to not get the tank name background in there too... but that took about 10 mins. I made the .png with yellow for lights, dk grey for heavies, and a little brighter green for mediums.


I convert the two files to DDS, and I put it all into my game folder: World_of_Tanks\res_mods\\gui\flash\atlases - But they just don't show up in game. 

FWIW, here are the 5mb The DDS versions of the file (rar'd) Arc-atlases.rar


Regarding suggestion #2: Are you referring to the contour icons here? If not, I'm confused... (I also replaced those and no change.)




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Thanks again!!! I got it to work! FWIW, the .xmls' were in there, but on triple checking it this morning, it seems that I still had the old battleAtlas files in there. I replaced them this morning and voila! Thanks again for the help!


In case anyone wants them, I've uploaded the fixed (and Rar'd) versions of both battle & vehicle atlases png & dds atlases-18-04-27.rar:


And here are just the "cutouts" of icons, in png format. That made the file size smaller to deal with instead of the full 26mb file. And then just overlay it on the full png file - tweaking opacity of the new top layer to 50% to make sure it lined up perfectly.




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