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enemy indicator mod (help with wotmod and ????)

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I really would like the enemy indicator mod all by itself, no other mods and i found the wotmod in the res then version folder but unsure if theres anything else that goes with it, also i do not and have not ever had a choice in changing colors, just if only when an enemy can shoot or the other option, any help? And for the record because I've heard a lot of you say these are cheap mods but the indicator does not work unless you can see him in other words have a straight line from your location to them and can actually see him and if you can't see him in this mod is worthless now in my opinion That doesn't seem like a cheat mod does it? But I get off subject I really do need help just installing it by itself,  and please don't tell me just check it in the Aslains mod pack and don't check anything else that's not what I'm looking for,thank you if anybody can help me . 

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In previous versions there was config inside mods/config/oldskool/enemy_indicator.json but very limited and colorblind only so no color change.

From current v1.0.1 modpack you only need: enemy_indicator, izeberg.modsettingsapi, poliroid.modslistapi (from mods) and modsSettingsApi.json (from config)
you get few settings in game nothing special, if that's the only mod you wanna use...:smirk:

PS. enemy indicator is legit as long as it shows ONLY 1 detected enemy at a time... if you get version of indicator that shows like 3 or more with range and all... that's illegal

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