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Aslain's mod pack 100% legal?

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I've been dealing with a troll. He says a mod I like in the mod pack is not legal. It leaves a mark on the tank you are shooting at so you can tell where you hit it and if it penned. I call it the paint ball mod. 

As far as I know all the mods in the pack are 100% legal.

Is there a site or something I can link this guy to, to shut him up?

This troll has really gone over board  in telling me I'm a cheat and so on.


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Yes - Aslain's modpack is 100% legal - it has been ever since the Fair Play Policy was introduced.


The person talking to you is saying Paint Ball mod is illegal? Oh my god.... lol :P


It doesn't help in any way at all, haha. And you can see the hit marks without it - they just aren't colored :P


Show him this;

https://worldoftanks.com/en/news/announcements/mod-hub-announcement/ for example. :)


You could also ask him for a post stating the mod is illegal (He won't find that... :P)

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