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Asalins Two Steps from Hell Music Mod Problem

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Hi there Big Boss :-),


i´ve stumbled across a little Failure within your Music Mod.


While on the New Map Provinz, the music from the 40 sec waiting screen and the normal Battle Music are playing simultanly. Easier said. The musci from the 40 seconds waiting doesn´t stop and playes on together with the normal Battle music when the Battle starts. Both play till the end and no one stopps.


Somehow this is only when playing on Provinz. The other Maps are OK.


Logs are attaced if needed :-)


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Am 11.5.2018 um 20:47 schrieb Aslain:

Bah. Guess it has to be updated for this map :/


What about previous version? Was it played correctly?

Just wanted to tell, if you might have forgotten about this or did not had some time :-), the problem still exists.


Yet it´s not that kind of urgent to be fixed :-).


I´m glad that you at least have added some great music on the last update ;-).

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  • 3 months later...

More Problems with your sound mod.


1. Provinz, Minsk and Studzianski are playing two songs simultanly and that is going to kill my nerfs since every third battle of mine is on one of those three maps. Playing the other sound Radios is also not mine because they are not my likeings. Sorry.


2. Pilsen is not playing waiting sound. Running sound is OK.


Hope it helps.

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