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Ransomeware Popup

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Hi all.  On 5/11/18 I attempted to download Version 11 using Link #4 (bottom) download link.  After the 5 seconds wait, it popped up a Ransomware window.  This has happened in the past, and up to now they were benign.  I could go in and kill the process under explorer.  This version was different on the 11th as I could not kill the process.  I shutdown the computer and restarted this morning and appears to be no issues. A full virus scan is still running with no detections yet.  I realize this has nothing to do with your download as I never got to the download selector.  The folks you are using as a download interface seem somewhat less then on the up and up as this has happened before (not often).  Just wanted to pass this along for your information.


Cheers to all! – J_REB

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The time I saw something along those lines, it was just a poorly constructed scare ad, and closing the browser tab in Chrome worked just fine, since Chrome can block the constant dialog pop-up.


I doubt your scan will find anything - since it's not a real threat, but just an ad in the end.


There's no real alternatives to use when it comes to ad links, sadly.. it's more a case of picking the lesser of two evils. (And there's always the direct links, and optional donation instead) :)

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