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GUI elements Mod issue

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This isn't a mod issue, as you make it out to be? It's a request, unrelated to the mod in question.


It has nothing to do with the mod.


Only the selected weapon is highlighted. (as it is in vanilla Warships too) :)

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Just now, Sniper said:

please explain how this is not an issue .

I already did.


It's the behavior as it is in vanilla Warships.


The selected weapon group lights up. Not both of them.


The mod you are showing in your screenshot - works as it should - it's moving the GUI Elements. It doesn't change the behavior of the highlighting.

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They are lit up when you select them.

And reload timers should be shown at the bottom of your screen.


No idea if it's possible to make them light up all the time regardless of selection.


(And I said it wasn't a mod issue - since you made the post called mod issue, and specifically shown one - hence why I said it was unrelated to mods) :)

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