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ribbon mods

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I know you're real good about keeping the mods updated Aslain, BZ to you for that and much appreciated. 


I was wondering if there was any word on the mod that shrunk the ribbons.  My assumption is you're waiting for it to be updated, just thought I'd ask.


Again, BZ on the whole mod pack.

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Ok, I got things working.  I had to change the class panels.  The one I like has a clock that overlaps the damage counter.  The other one I don't like as much but it doesn't have the clock.  So far, problem solved I think.

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Try dragging the clock to another spot. Here's what my UI looks like; I run the ribbons to center mod along with 8 ribbons per row. The clock works OK in this spot for me (super wide aspect ratio) but I could also move it to the left side instead. Many of the side panels ("ears") mods also let you change the width of the side panels, so you might find that adjusting that helps you.



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