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Info Panel about own ammo

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It was long time ago Info Panel where you press left ALT and it was showing you info about your own ammo damage and penetrations.

It had 2 options to be shown as boxes between crosshair and ammo/consumables boxes, or just above consumable boxes.



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3 hours ago, Aslain said:

You can install Info Panel by izeberg. It has hangar menu with 3 styles to select.


How can I select as in the old one which I am talking about, only when I am aiming at the select tank if I press left ALT to display that info, else to be hidden.



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2 minutes ago, 1lez1 said:

the old infopanel extended is updated which supports that:


i tried it and it is working, and accepts the json config by kszys which was my favourite :D

This is ekspoint mod, you can use it if you like malware and occasional crashes.

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it was a rar file with the core mod files, you are right i risk it and i hope it doesnt contain anything like last time :D

but the izenberg config looks crap :D

i used it today for several games no crashes yet and no antivirus alert, but didnt checked the network traffic


a long ago i ported the kszys config more or less (rather less) to the izenberg mod, but when the infopanel extended came back deleted it, silly me :D




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If you were using the config that looked like:


I tried recreating it in izeberg's panel: 



Config here: https://pastebin.com/vakJ8h83  (Might need to adjust your X/Y positions as I've set it for 1920x1200)

Since I can't figure out if there's a way to actually add custom configs (as creating a skin_4.xml failed), I just paste over skin 1 with that.  Now if anyone knows where the authors thread on the mod is and can ask how to properly due custom configs AND if show self on ALT key can be added like the previous mod, that would be a big help.

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