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trouble with losing all camo

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first off, let me say I love your mod pack. 


I  also have lost all my camo on over 100 tanks and inscriptions.  That sucks, but if I am correct if I keep the Auto mounting of camo box under Auxilium unchecked, it will leave whatever I put back on tanks alone correct?  Also is there a file on my computer that saves the camo and inscriptions, A file I can save somewhere else and put back in if this happens again.

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You didn't lose the camo, it was demounted as described for the mod you selected, so you can mount it again and teach the mod what camo goes where. :)


Auxilium, if you kept it checked, would save what camo goes on which tank. If you keep it checked, it'll save those things to it's config file.


The demounting is done as a first time use of it.

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