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Popup ADS in game.

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Tell me more about that ads, how they look like, and are they appearing when you do something specific or just like that?


Have you performed the installation with delete wot cache files? Do it once like it was in written in my changelog.


Python log is empty, play the game, when ad occurs, quit the game, and generate logs again.

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I have not seen any content because Bitdefender blocked it. I play in fullscreen window mode and I could notice window lost focus for few ms few times. I played for 3,5h and it happend only in last hour. When I come back home from work I do some more tests and try to gather some more details. cheers  

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You will need new modpack for but there is none yet. Also please write me full name of your antivir.


From what I noticed it's only in windowed mode, either with borders and without.


Most likely was caused by latest polarfox.vxSettingsApi used in various mods i.e. Battle Observer. Saddly I belive that we canot trust to polarfox mods anymore. 


I didn't detect it earlier because it occurs randomly, not every time, and only in windowed mode.

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Yeah I fixed that ads problem by performing this move in #03:

- removed mods sharing dependency files polarfox.vxSettingsApi and polarfox.vxBattleFlash
(Battle Observer, Utannouncer Female/Male, Radial Menu, Show Vehicle, Colored chat messages "Chat + Kill-log")

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