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Copying of main audio files optional

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Hello Aslain,


i ask for this already in the WOT forum, but just now I found this place here, which seems more appropriate to make a request. And because i am lazy :D , i'm just copying the text from the WOT forum here:


One request for the installer i have (call it my xmas wish....): could you please make the copying of the main audio folder optional. Because i already copied it to the res_mods folder (as a "mod" via the Generic Mod Enabler). I usually install your mod pack into a very basic temporary WOT-Folder. After that i create from the res_mods folder a "Mod" for the Generic Mod Enabler. Then i install this newly created "Mod" into my main WOT installation folder using the Generic Mod Enabler. Doing it this way i can quickly change between different setups of my mods or try out new mods quickly. That's why i personally don't need the whole main audio folder copied again, since the main audio folder is actually the first "mod" i install.

Hope you understand what i mean. English is not my first language....Anyways, thanks again for your effort.

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