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Pls reenable (even as optional) Autoaim indication

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Pls reenable (even as optional) Autoaim indication (the one where you just right clicked in the area and he autoaimed closest enemy) - it tremendous helped me and I considered it by far the most helpful mode I ever encoutnered.


Please offer us the chance to install it again! Pretty please! ;;)

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It was not that one... it was another one which let it loose just normal, but could right click without being with mouse right on tank.


I think it was this one: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/441413-095-autoaim-indication but problem is that this one has another camera,pyc and dunno which one to select... it was sooo cool when it was in the package. :( Pls bring it back :(

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