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Greetings Aslain & staff.

I have donated to support your excellent efforts & helpful consolidation of mods for WofT several times, including right now. :innocent:

Each time i use PayPal, but because your link locks amount in Euros, have to open my account directly with them so can pay in $US.


"Problem" = i see where others have donated & their account/name is marked as such... even tho i'v given >$100, i don't seem to get credit for supporting You.



Be nice to get some credit & recognition for supporting. :star:

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To get credited you should contact me (which you just done now) in Private Message not in public ;) It doesn't automaticaly credit anyone who donates, because not everyone wants to be credited.

It's not locked to euro, you can select own currency from the drop down menu, euro is only displayed by default. :) 


I need your real name or email you used to donate, to find and verify your donations. :) Thats why it should be posted in PM, you dont want these to be seen aby everyone here.

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OK. Roger.  Wilco.

Thanks for reply & explanation.  :thumbsup:


[email protected]* for most recent contributions.


Onward thru the Fog, Chump 25


* for anyone who wants a TRULY PRIVATE, SECURE email that is NOT created &/or monitored some Big Corp, highly recommend protonmail.com.  totally encrypted created & developed for & used by CERN particle accelerator Institute in Switzerland

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