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Few problems I noticed...

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Screenshot 1: In battle the new campaign mission status doesn't show, it shows in the garage only

Screenshots 2-4: Trees show the trunks at a distance when you get closer to them the trunks disappear and you just see the tops of the trees, applies to all trees in battle.

3rd problem I have noticed is that every once in a while when switching shells the gun won't fire, when you do it says the ammo is loading even after the shell has already been loaded. Have to exit game and return for the gun to fire again. Probably happens 1 out of 25-50 battles

4th problem I have noticed is that the armor penetration mod that I am using no longer works when playing an SPG like it had in the past. Not sure if that was removed for some reason or if it's a bug but it should show for all tanks that I am aware of.

and screenshot 5 shows the last problem I have noticed. Contour icon is backwards. Isn't like that in battle except grand battles which you said there is no fix for just shows in the garage when you mouse over the crew.

Other than all that everything else seems to be working as intended as far as I have seen.







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1. No missions tab in battle is caused by new dev xvm, they added stats but missions are gone for now. It's temporary and will be fixed by them at some point.
2. From what I know it's your graphic card drivers problem.
3. No clue, I would need to see some examples like before/after.
4. Same, but it sounds a bit like some old issue with Harpoon crosshair when switching ammo type.
5. It's there for long time, WG is not allowing to apply anty-mirror there.

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1. ok no worries just thought I would make sure it was known.

2. The problem only happened after the 1.1 modpack updates. no modpack used trees are fine. Pre 1.1 everything was fine as far as the trees are concerned.

3. I will see if I can find the replays I have so you can see it not sure what else you would need, so let me know.

4. Uh ok, so is this gonna be addressed? Would like to have this function working again for SPG's

5. Damn wargaming anyways....


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