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Side Panels by BADoBEST - *was* causing server to refuse connection

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Hi Aslain, 


I've had an odd issue here. 

When I selected Side Panels by BADoBEST - either V1 or V2, the server refuses connection due to technical issues (see image: https://imgur.com/a/qOpjf8L)


However - I initially had v2 selected - which was causing the server to refuse connection (lucky it was the first thing on the list so it was the first thing I unticked!) 

I then switched it to V1 and that also caused the technical issues error. 


However, I generated the log report whilst on V1, then I went back to V2 to generate another log report (just in case you needed them seperately) and it started to work. 

I then switched back to V1 and it now works also. 


I'm not entirely sure what has happened here, but it was very odd. I had ticked and unticked V1 & V2 a few times during the testing phase and each time it would come up with the technical error, so I'm not sure what's changed but I thought I better report it anyway. 


EDIT: I backed up anything I could find in the wow folder that related to logs - not sure if any of them are useful (not overly familiar with this kind of thing)







BADoBEST v1 - Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip

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