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Solved - Improved Chat V3 Movable Anchor Stuck

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My Improved Chat V3 position is stuck and I can't move it lower now.  When I mouse over the anchor/gear icon the ship status comes up instead (same as pressing the H key).  When this mod is first installed it is movable from the big Red X location.  If I am careful I can move it right and then back in when lower (follow the Red arrow in picture).  But I have to avoid the area where the Anchor is now. 

Is it possible to edit a config file to manually shift the anchor away from the danger zone? 

PS.  My monitor resolution is QHD (2560 x 1440).  The Move GUI elements #2 states it is for Full HD.  I suspect that is the reason the boat compass overlaps the ship hit points icon.  I needed to install a hacked graphics card firmware update to display QHD.  If this is the reason for the bug, accept my apologizes and I will just have to live with it until I get $2.5k to upgrade my PC.



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You can delete preferences.xml and you should be able to move it again. Keep in mind it will also reset all the other stuff you have there.


On your screen I see that you have a overlapping problem too, that ship contour overlaps on ship compass thingy. If you install Advanvced ship hp bar you should be able to drag it as well.

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Change ingame screen resolution, move chat position.  Set original resolution, locate chat where needed.  All works. 
There is still a small no-go area around the H key icon default position.

PS.  Deleting preferences.xml would have worked.  I just did not want to redo all my ship settings.  Thanks.

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