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Modpak for WOT not working

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I am wondering what is going on with the newest version of your Modpak? I just got my new system up and running so of course I am going to download Aslains modpak for WOT, Great no issues in downloading the file set it up to run again no issues after selecting what I want for the game I look at the bottom to select next and theres nothing to select I run my mouse pointer over the area still nothing shows so all I can do is exit out of the program. Understand this is a fresh install of WOT and aslains modpak what is the issue here and has anyone come across the same problem?

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You have desktop scaling turned on to something other than 100%.


In order to correctly see the buttons to move to next, you'll need to set it to 100%.. you can boost it back to whatever it is set to afterwards, if you need the higher scaling.


Assuming Windows 10: You can just type "scaling" in the start menu.

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