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Camouflage Manager Icons are Hard to See

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The Camouflage Manager Icons are hard to see.  They blend into the background too much.  3 cheers for the mod by Crooks.


I have 3 requests.
1) Can you place the Icons on a black or white background, please?  White movie subtitles are much easier to read if they are displayed on a Black background. 

2) Can you display the text using a non-proportional right justified font so the zeros line up? 

3) Can the information be displayed in a fixed location?  If the camo has zero in that slot, leave the space blank (or make it zero). It would make scanning much easier.  Instead of having to decode the icon we would learn its meaning from its location.  eg.  Spring Sky has +200% to ZP and +777% to Free XP so it would look like this -
         Credit Icon
200    XP Icon
         Commander XP Icon
777    Free XP Icon
4 slots with 2 blank
Note - Use the minus sign for negative numbers.  The plus sign is not needed since most numbers are positive. 

Thanks for looking.


Camouflage Manager Icons Hard to See ss 2019-02-08 Fri 07.42.33.jpg

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Forgot to thank mod creator

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The hard to see nature of it is more with how the game displays the icons. I could do more to make the numbers even more apparent, but that would require me adding an additional background to the text that would be covering up the icon for the camo itself. 
As for the idea of perhaps universalizing the spots on the camo icon to being specific types of bonuses, its not very feasible, as there are 5 types of bonuses, and if I tried to fit the 5 bonus types unto every single icon for the sake of making their position consistent, that would make it way too messy for the GUI, filling it with alot of null info. 

An example of what a camo that does use all the bonus types looks like, here:


Quite messy as is with that, something I most certainly don't want to add to all 412 camouflage icons in the game client. (Yes, there are THAT many) The order which I do display the info is copied from how its displayed on the camoflage's description. And the icons I pulled directly from the game client, they are the exact same icons you should already be familiar with. 

The only thing I could do is perhaps increase the stroke, (the black border around the text) but even that won't change how the game desaturates the icons when they are unselected, and that is what causes most of the problem in legibility. I can't do anything about that, I don't even know where i'd even start to look to find whatever script controls that if its even possible. 



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Awesome mod, thank you @Shipmaster_Crook 

The text readability is great, even with the greyed out not selected theme WarGaming uses.  Game Icons suit all languages and education levels. 

It's just us Reading Glass-wearing people are always going to need help to see the fine details.  Not enough UX is done for the over 45's.  Which is strange as WoWS average user age is 42.

Blame WG for not planning ahead to give 3rd party modders icons with borders.  After all, you are doing their oversights.

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