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So i had a couple mods from relhax that i cant quite get...

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So the hitmarker sound i cant seem to get to work on you modpack...there doesnt seem to be a sound file when i looked.

The other mod here i was looking for was the color coming from the type of ammo being used...gold for heat and red for apcr...i prefer to use your modpack and not relhax.

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17 hours ago, Aslain said:

I answered you in the other topic regarding hitmarker, as of that colored hits I have this mod in the modpack, it's called Gold ammo visibility mod and you can find it here:



Yea i saw that but for some reason it didnt work i might have messed something up tho...the one that used to be in relhax had a multi color option to seperate heat and apcr rounds..like i would make apcr red and heat gold =D Also thanks for the reply 10/10

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This option I had in the past too but it's gone, it's author updated it to what you see currently, I don't remember correctly why since it was like a year ago, so for details you would have to ask the author of this mod.

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