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Modpack causes FPS Lock to Monitor refresh rate (vsync off...)

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so, issue as described.

I play game on full screen. Always. 
I had VSYNC on before. On 60 Hz monitor (laptop internal) it was always 60 fps (although capable of 100+ on same settings) as it should be. Using i5, GTX 1050, 16 gb ram, SSD.

I have overclocked my monitor and now it runs at 85 hz. 
With VSYNC turned ON I have same FPS as my monitor refresh rate: 85 
However, if I turn VSYNC off in game (and always off on NVIDIA settings) - FPS still stays at same - 85 FPS (although it should be more than capable to keep 100+).

If I change my monitor to 75 or 60 hz, then it's same issue - with VSYNC on or off - FPS stays at same as my monitor refresh rate - 75 or 60 FP, respectivelly on the screen refresh rate.

The same happens when launching game with mods (I usually use Aslain's mod pack) or without mods. I even reset graphics settings.

Using latest NVIDIA drivers.


So, I completely uninstalled game, deleted all cache etc. After launch, game was perfectly fine, as it should be - +/- 100 fps with vsync off. 85 - with vsync on. But this is vanilla client.

Installed few mods from pack: no XVM, added just minimap gun directions, zoom out, MOE calculator, session stats, white dead skins, total HP pool (pmod I think).

Immediatelly FPS became 85, as my monitor, although VSYNC - off.

Uninstalled mod pack. same - 85


Back to normal.


I think there is a hidden setting somewhere in mod pack for auto vsync :/

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4 hours ago, Aslain said:

I have no hidden setting like this. Are you installing fps limiter maybe? I'm not installing anything extra except for scripts loader that is helping with troubleshooting and debugging.

nope, checked specifically that this would not be added.

Since the pack is mix of various packs, I think that it is possible that one of mods have such setting in the latest iteration.


Otherwise cannot explain why and how I got this issue. Never had it before and after, for that matter.

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You should want to run the fps in sync with the monitor refresh. As your setup has enough horsepower to keep it stable at 85hz/fps making your gaming experience nice and smooth. Also the benefit of limiting the fps to the monitor refresh saves your gpu workload, thus reducing power / heat.


Just seeing the fps counter go to 200fps doesnt actually do anything for your experience unless you can sync your monitor.

Next on your shopping list can be a nice panel with 144hz refresh or so, then you can lock both your gpu/monitor to 100fps/hz until you upgrade your gpu.


Also when overclocking your monitor refresh it may introduce other visual problems, such as ghosting.. there are websites to test it out. I assume you have :)

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