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Enhanced marks of Excellence

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PLEASE bring back the OLD Enhanced marks of Excellence.

I remember in the Past that the Enhanced Marks of Excellence with the following:

American = White Star Yellow Background (still that way)

German = Iron Cross (now has Dumb lines that are Impossible to read)

Russian = Red Star with Black and White Edges Yellow Background (still that way)

Chinese = Red Star on Yellow Background (the star use to have a Gold edge to it)

That's all I can remember...

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I tried BOTH new additions, V4 and V5.  They are almost IDENTICAL.  the Only Difference is the German Marks.  Here are the Marks for V4 and V5:


American:  White Star with Black Border - V4 and V5

German: Little White Stripes V4 - Black and White Stripes like you have with the 'Top Gun' for the tank V5

France: White Stripe V4 and V5

China: Red Star with Gold Border - V4 and V5

Russia: Red Star with Black and White Border - V4 and V5


Those are the Only tanks I have Marks of Excellence in to check.....


EXCEPT for the Germans, I do not see the REASON for the V5.....its Identical to V4.


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