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ello mister thief :)


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Hi mister Aslain!


im affraid u may not be aware, u r using one of my addons in your pack. its called "HitByQdly" and in your mod pack it's under "the mod pack"\"accurate damage indicator"\"#2". the mod was originally called as iv said "HitByQdly", it was 1st posted on curse Feb 12, 2013, and was left to decay. but someone resurrected it. still, it's my property, with my own made gfx, and ur are using it. if i recall correctly. iv made it semi open source, iv asked any1 who wants to post it to add my curse web page and my name to any repost. as my curse webpage is dead, there is only curseforge webpage, but i will not stand my work being posted as "#1". unless u change option name to proper name, i must ask you to remove it from your pack. i must assume you won't like your pack named 'poo's pack' as well, won't you?. 


i hope that wont be a problem, and, there is at least one more person, who keept it alive, who may come here and wish for credit, for keeping addon alive.


i hope i won't have to go to policja to have that done :)





btw, u r doing great job. ur pack is realy gr8


in case u r not sure, i can send u some ss from curseforge or speak with u at szkajp/gg


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Hi Qdly,


I had no idea, these accurate indicators are around since like forever. IIRC I could not see any authors name attached to them on any mods website. Since I could not trace who is author I could not add it right. Well, I will add credits for you of course. You state that #1 or #2 is your job?


So now you are back, will you continue this abondoned project of yours?



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only #2, the one with gold/gray shells like gfx. thanks a lot m8


that mod is quite complete, and some1 is refreshing it to add support for new versions, im affraid i can't say who, probably some1 from RU serw, as 1st time in pack, iv seen my mod in some russian mod pack creator...


it was originally created for 8.3 or sth like that... and i think i don't even have source files for it anymore XD

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