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Auto Equip / Remount Equipment + Frontlines

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So there's an issue I have with the Auto Equipment feature, it used to work by leaving set tanks alone, now it unequips EVERYTHING and puts it all into your depot.


Is there a way to go back to the old behaviour where once a tank was setup, it wouldn't be touched UNLESS there wasn't the required items needed for the new tank clicked?


The problem now is all my tanks have nothing on them, because everything's stripped and put into the depot when I click to a different tank.


Thanks ;x


Using Auxilems mod.

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I remember around a few years back, there was a mod very similar then that didn't return EVERYTHING to the Depot, it was smarter, it only removed the items the new clicked tank was missing, and applied it, not stripping the whole previous tank.


Unsure what mod it was, but you had this in your pack, it was awesome, probably around the 8 or 9 version times.. :<


Maybe XVM has one built in, I remember seeing that somewhere.

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14 minutes ago, Aslain said:

AutoTelscope was designed for camonet, toolbox, binoculars only. It was equipping only in the moment you clicked on the battle button. This is why it worked fast.

Must've been something else then.. need to find it. :<


Don't like this new one. 

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