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Password Authorization Failure

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Downloaded the new modpack, signed into wargaming, tried to use the asian account i used the modpack with,,,,,,i see the Aslain badge and then the game wont load and keeps saying i have a password error.  Changed passwords (still can't sign in).........reloaded entire game and modpack (still can't sign in)............uninstalled the modpack and now the game accepts my password and I CAN sign in and play............without the modpack.    Any way I can get this thing to work?  MSI 16gb ram, windows 10, webium works fine but I'd really like to use Aslain.


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Please attach log files, generated right after you encountered the error.


So, install the modpack, try to login and get the error, and then generate logs. Instructions are stickied in this forum section as well as linked to in my signature just below.

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