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Auto Equip / Remount Equipment + Frontlines


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I'm looking for a mod that automatically equips camouflage and mountables, without taking it off the previous tank, unless it's already in use, which it will then move it to my tank selected.


Either that, or the current mod that moves items from tank to tank, but with an ingame option to turn it off. 


During Frontlines event, it cannot allow me to configure multiple tanks without equipment being stripped from all vehicles but one.




Thanks. :3

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On 4/21/2019 at 4:21 PM, m0nstertr4x said:

disable the auto equip mod for time being. 

Yes I do this, but it's a little annoying as sometimes all the mods I normally use aren't checked for installation.. it's a tedious process.


This is why I ask as a request if something can be done, an ingame toggle to stop the auto mounting during Frontlines.


Either that, or is there a mod that you can click a button and makes EVERY TANK in your garage drop its equipment and camouflage? 


Scenario: I lost my toolbox, where is it? A button to put it back into my depot would be nice. ;x

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