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All Of My Text Is Grey Boxes! Help Please!

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Check if you have installed something that is in polish language.


Also add logs.

Alright I'm kind of new to this whole modding thing. Where would I check to see if something is in the polish language? And also what exactly do you mean by add logs. I'm sorry I just really don't want to screw this up and have to re-install WOT all over again.

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There is a notification in brackets to the mod names in modpack list:




As for logs look at my signature :)

Ok so I just went through my whole start up and nothing is in polish or any other language. When WOT updated, the grey boxes just appeared, as if the update made one of the things in the mod freak out. And you want me to add my logs to the attachments? I think that's what it said. I don't know I'm very confused.



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Ok so this is not because of text messages. Maybe try to do integrity-check, maybe your wot is corrupted.


Do you have issues without mods?

Well I am not entirely sure how do get rid of the mods without completely uninstalling the game, but usually when the game updates I just have to reinstall the mods. Otherwise the game would just be normal. This is the first time this has ever happened. I've never heard of an integrity check, but is there a way to uninstall all of the mods without uninstalling the game? I just really love your mod pack and would love to use it.

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Manualy delete everything in res_mods/0.9.5/ 


I don't recommend to use modpack uninstall, You might do not know what to do when you will see error of missing folder in res_mods after uninstalling.



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