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battle results MIA in notification panel

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This is most likely operator error, so please forgive me, but I am baffled: in instances when my vehicle is destroyed early on and I return to the garage and start a battle in a different vehicle, the results for the initial will be missing from the notification panel. 

Example: This morning, fought a battle in Hellcat on Erhlenberg, which was a winning battle (I was present until the end); started a second battle in Hellcat on Mannerheim Line, was destroyed midway through, returned to garage; started thrid battle in Matilda, on Fjords, was destroyed towards the end - battle was victory. Notification panel shows results for the victory on Erhlenberg & victory on Fjords, but not the defeat on Mannerheim Line. 


I do have XVM installed and I understand there's some issues, but I haven't seen this described (or don't recognize it). 


Thanks for a great mod and any help.

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