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Where do I install for the 64-bit client?

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I've switched to the 64-bit client and found most of my mods aren't working. The one that shows your winrate in port is the only one I can really notice that is. I tried updating to the latest modpack, and also noticed I needed to change my replay folder to /bin64 in Match Making Monitor. The modpack wouldn't let me choose this folder. Any advice?

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Well, for me, the replays aren't going there anymore (/bin64/replays now) and most of the mods aren't working. I have no idea why the one is. Turns out if I use the 32-bit client now, they aren't there either. :\ Still playing around with it.

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Ah yeah. Sorry I didnt think to mention that.

Using the launcher it opens 64-bit client if you have 6 GB ram I think it was the WoWs patchnotes said.


”On computers with RAM of 6 GB or more, the x64 client will be used; if your PC's RAM is less than 6 GB, it will use the x86 client.”

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Added quote from 0.8.3 patchnotes
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The modpack went over to 64 bit fine for me. And I know for a fact that I'm using 64 bit because I have switchable graphics and I had to go and configure all the binaries in the 64 bit folder to the "performance" setting or else it would run it on the Intel gfx card and I'd get like 15 fps, although if I manually opened the 32 bit version the old whitelist still fired up the radeon. The only thing that has never worked post 64 bit update is matchmaker monitor but it's not a huge enough issue that I have even bothered to try testing it while running out of the 32 bit folder. I'm not even sure I have 6 gigs of ram although I think I have 8, lol. I also had huge connection issues right after the update. I think aslains modpack was probably the smoothest part of the migration. 

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